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Products And Their Advantages

Based on a complex of theoretical and experimental studies conducted under the scientific supervision of Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Strebkov D. S., methods and devices for obtaining an environmentally friendly solution of hydrogen peroxide (Н2О2) from water have been invented.

An environmentally friendly solution of hydrogen peroxide with a concentration exceeding the natural one was obtained as a result of electro physical action on water. Without dilution, it is intended for sanitization, disinfection, and after dilution to a natural concentration – to stimulate the growth and development of plants by processing seed material, plantings and plants. The use of this hydrogen peroxide is also possible in veterinary and medical practice for internal use.

The developed technology has no analogues in terms of environmental parameters, the resulting environmentally friendly aqueous solution of hydrogen peroxide is called «ECOperoxide».

At present, to obtain hydrogen peroxide (Н2О2), the electrochemical method is used through persulphuric acid and the organic method of  liquid-phase oxidation of isopropyl alcohol according to government standard 177-88 «Hydrogen peroxide. Technical conditions». At the same time, the resulting highly concentrated hydrogen peroxide solution contains toxicant stabilizing additives (sulfuric acid, arsenic, etc.), which don’t allow the use of such hydrogen peroxide in crop production, for internal use in veterinary medicine and medicine.

ECOperoxide, obtained by us, is a low concentration solution  Н2О2 that does not contain any stabilizing additives in which hydrogen peroxide is in a free state, which ensures its effective action in veterinary and medical practice, biological processes (for example, photosynthesis) and physiological reactions (for example, stimulation of plant growth and development).

ECOperoxide is stable during storage, which is essential for its practical use. The stability of a solution of a low concentration of hydrogen peroxide was noted by D.I. Mendeleev:

the weaker the solution of hydrogen peroxide in water, the more constant it is.

ECOperoxide is a non-explosive, non-flammable, non-corrosive, non-toxic solution, does not pose a danger for the environment, and is safe for transportation by any mode of transport.

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