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Areas of Application

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Area of application – crop production.

ECOperoxide – a plant growth and development stimulator

ECOperoxide is effective for stimulating the growth and development of plants, including those eaten raw or


ECOperoxide has a beneficial effect on plants, increasing resistance to diseases and adverse factors, accelerating flowering and improving the fruit quality.

Experimental testing of ECOperoxide diluted to the concentration of rainwater (0.3-2.8 mg/l) on different species and varieties of cultivated plants obtained the following results:

  • Increase in seed germination from 20 to 50%;

  • Acceleration of growth of aboveground and root systems of plants by 35-80%;

  • An increase of biomass by 15-40%;

  • A significant increase of the quality of plants with an increase of the chlorophyll content in them up to 20%.

After appropriate dilution, ECOperoxide can be used both in small farms (farms, household plots, gardening partnerships, city gardens (on balconies and window sills), and in large (agricultural enterprises specializing in the cultivation of grain, vegetables, fruit and berry, ornamental and other crops, including the use of greenhouses, aero- and hydroponics technologies, capillary irrigation, in areas with high solar radiation, with a short daylight hours and beyond the Arctic Circle, as well as in forest nurseries for afforestation, reforestation, urban landscaping farms, as well as in the cultivation and maintenance of high quality grassy covers of lawns, golf and football fields.

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ECOperoxide - disinfectant and antiseptic

Area of application – medicine, cosmetology, veterinary medicine, sanitary and hygienic treatment at home and at work.

Environmentally friendly and safe composition makes ECOperoxide a universal disinfectant, antiseptic, non-allergenic agent.

ECOperoxide can be used to cleanse the mouth, throat and nasal cavity by rinsing or irrigating. To protect the respiratory tract from infection, it is advisable to use nebulizers that provide spray droplets of up to 5 microns. The concentration of hydrogen peroxide, the duration and frequency of inhalations must be agreed with the attending physician.

As a disinfectant, ECOperoxide is effective and does not cause allergies when treating skin (for example, hands, face, nipples of a nursing mother) and wounds with capillary bleeding. For the purpose of disinfection, it is also possible to process clothes, surfaces, equipment, appliances, premises, kitchen utensils, feed, animals, birds, aquariums. Removes the odor associated with the vital activity of microorganisms, for example, in the mouth, as well as when keeping animals, birds, aquarium fish. It is an excellent environmentally friendly non-allergenic agent for the prevention of mastitis in animals, such as cows.

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