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Putty Pocket Pc Download

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the address field in the connection configuration screen will look something like 192.168.1. you may enter a different address, however this can lead to connection problems. if you don't know what you are doing, it is better to stick to the default ip that is given to you by the isp. you can change the port number and tunnel port number in the advanced settings.

there are relatively few programs on pocket pcs that can be used to telnet to ports over the internet. there is no popular telnet program for pocket pcs, as far as i am aware. in order to connect to a server over the internet, you need to use one of three programs: internet explorer, bluej/bluelink, or netcommander/netcomm.

the pocketputty developers have usually put reasonable effort into keeping up to date with the latest version of putty, but not always. if you find that the current version of pocketputty does not do what you want, you can report problems to the pocketputty developers by reporting them to the putty bug tracker, on the website of the openssh project. this is quite a reliable place to report bugs, since your bug will eventually find its way to the right people.

the first problem can be solved relatively quickly. a few years ago, there was a company called mime for windows that offered pre-compiled ce programs for pocketpcs. unfortunately, that company went bankrupt, and now the only way to get an internet service for pocketpcs is by visiting the following website:

in the past, i have used unzip to decompress the programs from the zip files. not all of them will work with unzip (the latest version of unzip will even allow you to decompress any file of any size), but most of them do work. the mime windows-based programs probably have a newer version of unzip bundled with them than what is in the online zip archive. 3d9ccd7d82

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