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Jerry Garcia Band Bay Area 1978 Pure Jerry Vol 9 *FLAC* PATCHED

Kiffmann's Orthodox Schall-FolienMonch Productions, from the yellow furry fractionPersonnelMicky JonesGuitar, Vocals1 - 5Deke LeonardGuitar, Vocals1 - 5Ken WhaleyBass1 - 5Malcolm MorleyKeyboards, Guitar, Vocals1 - 5Terry WilliamsDrums, Percussion1 - 5Jim HornSax1John CipollinaGuitar6 - 9David Freibergbass, viola, vocals6Greg Elmoredrums6Gary Duncanguitar, vocals6Release HistoryLabelCat NoCountryFormatDate K OS 007 LP Butter JamTracksDisc 11.Hideaway5:572.Mona12:373.All Worth The Price You Pay8:404.Why Do You Act Like That6:565.Mystery Train5:33Total39:47Disc 21.Mannish Boy6:422.Steppin' Out5:573.Down In The Bottom8:484.Ride In Your Automobile6:365.Driftin' Blues7:396.He Got All The Money7:50Total43:47John Cipollina & Friends, Live at the Full Moon Saloon, San Francisco,July 24, 1986A longer version of this show is also in circulation, as "Little Joe, with John Cipollina & Paul Butterfield".PersonnelJohn CipollinaGreg ElmorePaul ButterfieldGreg DouglassBobby VegaEddie Money Party(Longbranch Saloon, Berkeley, CA, August 16th 1976)(Also seen as 26th)Tracks1st SetDisc 11.Mona11:242nd Set2.Keep You Satisfied12:093.Save Me From a Living Hell10:004.Bye Bye6:355.My Party18:136.You Don't Miss Your Water7:117.Born in Chicago6:42Total72:17Disc 21.If You Really Loved Your Man11:31Total11:31Great audience, it sounds like a soundboard.Master Reel To Reel > Equalizer > CD > EAC > WAV > FLACThe version of MONA is unbelivable, Eddie Money is completely drunk, and he starts to talk a lotwith the audience in meantime he sings, he does an hilarious "sermon" againt the record's industry!PersonnelEddie MoneyVocalsJohn CipollinaGuitarsKathy McdonaldVocalsMario CipollinaBassJimmy MoneyGuitarNick GravenitesVocals, GuitarMerl SaundersKeyboardsGinoDrumsGravenites & Cipollina Band Thunder & Lightning - "From The Lone Star To 68"TracksDisc 1December 10, Late Show:1.Mama Lion2.Southside3.Junkyard in Malibu6.Running Shoes7.Crazy Jake8.You Know You Lied10.Basement Jive11.Goodnight Irene12.Born in ChicagoDisc 2Movie Soundtrack Rehearsals, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA, March 27, 1986:1.Instrumental 12.Instrumental 23.Instrumental 3Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco, CA, February 18, 1988:4.68 Instrumental Blues5.Riding with the King6.Drinkin' Blues7.Get Together8.Small Walk-In BoxTotalJerry Garcia & Friends - Boston BluesTracksWBCN Studios Boston, MA 11/21/70, W/ Bob Weir & Greg Allman:1.Instrumental #12.Instrumental #2Garage Jam San Francisco, CA 1970, W/ John Cipollina, Pete Sears & Bob Weir:3.Winner Loses All4.Silver Threads and Golden Threads5.Let me in6.I'm Goin', But I Ain't Comin Back (or Dark Hollow)Fillmore East New York, NY 4/26/71, Grateful Dead w/ Duane Allman:7.Sugar magnolia8.It Hurts Me Too (Elomore James)9.Beat It on Down the LineTotalGreg Douglass Benefit, Old WaldorfSan Francisco, April 30, 1978TracksDisc 1Terry & The Pirates1.Intro 0:442.Tree Moon & Tide 4:453.Dust On The Plate 6:034.I Wish I Was Your River6:125.Montana Eyes 5:336.Higher & Higher 3:477.Ain't Livin' Long 4:22T&P Total31:29Rocky Sullivan1.Little Eva 2:142.I'm So Pissed Off 3:073.Whatcha Get 3:124.Roxy 5:375.Making Good Love 1:586.Jackknife Lover 3:017.On The Streets 3:468.Fever Dreams (JC Vocals) 4:549.Who's Kidding Who 4:3810.Let Go > Everybody's Got A Price8:29RS Total41:03Disc 2Seven Deadly Sins1.Intro 1:402.Tough As Nails 5:253.Mojo Hand 7:064.Small Walk In Box 7:365.Blues Highway 8:126.Instrumental 7:237.Down In The Bottom 7:258.On Top Of Old Smokey Blues5:299.Highland Fling 13:4210.You Got The Blues Again * 5:3411.Dancin' Fool ** 6:01SDS Total75:39Lineage: Cass (mono) > CD > EACIn March, 1978, Greg Douglass' hand lost a battle with a paneof glass, severing several tendons and arteries. At the time, there was achance he would never play guitar again, but doctors were able to repairmost of the damage via microsurgery.Greg's friends got together to hold a benefit to help with his medicalexpenses, with John Cipollina acting as musical director and playing in allthree bands. Terry was joined by Byron Allred's (Steve Miller Band) onlyappearance as a Pirate. Rocky included an early version of the band withMike Varney and Greg Anton. This was SDS' second (and last) gig andfeatures Nick Gravenites, Pete Sears, Jim McPherson and David Weber(Copperhead), Jarrett Washington (Freelight) and Marcus David (Nick G).The sets for two of the bands have never been circulated, the third (SDS)has not been torrented. The recording is pretty good considering it was froma mono cassette with a built in condenser microphone. The digital transferwas made directly from the cassette master. Some EQ was used to improve thesound. Some between song patter was edited out, this was a fault on theoriginal recording.PersonnelTerry & The Pirates:Terry Dolan G, VJohn Cipollina GByron Allred KDavid Hayes B, VJeff Myers DRocky Sullivan Band:Rocky Sullivan VJohn Cipollina G, VMike Varney GSteve Lind BGreg Anton DTrish Robbins VJill Bergman VSeven Deadly Sins:Nick Gravenites G, VJohn Cipollina GPete Sears K, B**Jarrett washington KJim McPherson B, K**David Weber DMarcus David DMichael Dejohn G, V*John Cipollina & Barry FlastWHFS Studios, Lanham, MD, February 24, 1986 ** On Air Interview with Weasel **Sounds of San Francisco, Interview with DJ WeaselTracks1.Intro2.Interview Part 13.Interview Part 24.Interview Part 3**Mona- from Matt Kelly "A Wing and a Prayer" LP (omitted- released)5.Interview Part 4 (cuts)Total38:14Notes:- Interview took place before SOSF show at the Roxy in Washington DC 2-24-86- It snowed the evening of the interview, John Cipollina does the snow closings in Part 3- Some static in signal, overall sound quality is vg+- Who has the SOSF show from the Roxy 2-24-86? I missed it because of the snow.- Begining cuts in and end cuts off after 45 mins, not sure how much is missing- Cipollina and Flast are funny, Weasel is well known and well versed DJ- More info on the LP "A Wing and a Prayer" here _And_A_Prayer.htm- Appears to be availible on Transfered and Assembled by Mike Schuncke 8/10Source: FM> Cassette low gen no dolbyTransfer: Nakamichi BX300> Apogee Mini Me @ 16/44> MTII> WavAssembly: Wav> AA3 for light NR, TLH for flac6, CDWav for tracking and foobar for flac taggingHideous Sun DemonsNew Year's Eve, Chi Chi Club, San FranciscoDecember 31st, 1987Artwork: Front,Back

Jerry Garcia Band Bay Area 1978 Pure Jerry Vol 9 *FLAC*

The History of Township Music [Wrasse, 2002]Unlike Music Club's '50s-focused Township Jazz 'n' Jive, this is an educational tour rather than a stylistic overview, with jaunty 1939 stride-boogie piano representing legendary marabi to begin and misplaced 1978 soul guitar heralding attempted disco at the end. And as on the more sloppily organized Mandela soundtrack, it's the '50s stuff that stands out. Start with one of the two tracks it shares with Township Jazz 'n' Jive, the Solven Whistlers' "Something New in Africa," a pop moment whose big-band pennywhistles could get a Martian patting his pseudopods. Then backtrack to Nancy Jacobs & Her Sisters' "Meadowlands," on which if you knew Zulu or Sotho you would hear Jacobs praising the razing of Sophiatown, the 1954 debacle that signaled the cultural triumph of apartheid, and if you knew the thug pidgin Tsotsitaal you would hear the same singer condemning that debacle. Cue over to the insouciant strut of the Elite Swingsters' "Thulandavile" and wonder what kind of debacle could leave such a rhythm alive. Segue directly to "Midnight Ska" and doubt skank is purely Jamaican. Not a rhythm nation, a vocal nation. But somehow its groove snakes or lopes or bunnyhops all the way to mbaqanga. A-

The Rough Guide to Boogaloo [World Music Network, 2005]Living east of Avenue B from 1965 to 1975, I probably dismissed many of these songs out my window for the jerrybuilt noise they are--not like the salsa elders who resisted Nuyorican soul jive's silly lyrics and simplified dance beats, but like the Anglophone rock snob I would have sworn I wasn't. After all, I dug Jimmy Castor and Joe Cuba on AM radio, and no matter what hip-hoppers think, I consider soul jazz even cheesier now than I did then. But this stuff is--and, I'm sure, was--a gas. In Spanish, Spanglish, or English, enlisting Batman and covering the Rascals or luring the likes of Tito Puente and Celia Cruz into teen hits no more heartfelt than Perry Como's "Hot Diggity," boogaloo proves one of the purest party musics ever. I can't dance to it even now--the crudest salsa is wiser than my hips, mano. But I love its spirit. A- 350c69d7ab

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