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The O.C. - Season 2

The O.C. - Season 2 --->

The O.C. - Season 2

The second season of The O.C. commenced airing in the United States on November 4, 2004, concluded on May 19, 2005, and consisted of 24 episodes. It aired Thursdays at 8:00 p.m. ET in the US on FOX, a terrestrial television network. In addition to the regular 24 episodes, two special episodes aired before the season premiere. "The O.C.: Obsess Completely" documented the show's influence on popular culture in its first year. The following week, "Welcome to The O.C.: A Day in the Life," provided a behind-the-scenes look at the show.[1]

The season was released on DVD as a seven-disc boxed set under the title The O.C.: The Complete Second Season on August 23, 2005, by Warner Bros. Home Video.[2] On September 7, 2008, the season became available to purchase for registered users of the US iTunes Store. In the United Kingdom the season premiered January 11, 2005 on Channel 4.[3] In Canada the season aired on CTV Television Network and in Australia it was broadcast by Network Ten.

The season was produced by Warner Bros. Television and Wonderland Sound and Vision. The executive producers were series creator Josh Schwartz, McG and Bob DeLaurentis. Stephanie Savage and Allan Heinberg served as co-executive producers, with Loucas George credited as producer.[28] The staff writers were Schwartz, Savage, Heinberg, John Stephens, J.J. Philbin and Mike Kelley. The regular directors throughout the season were Michael Lange, Ian Toynton, Michael Fresco and Tony Wharmby.[29]

The second season had star billing for nine major roles. Peter Gallagher as Sandy Cohen, Kelly Rowan as Kirsten Cohen, Ben McKenzie as Ryan Atwood, Mischa Barton as Marissa Cooper, Adam Brody as Seth Cohen, Melinda Clarke as recently married Julie Cooper-Nichol and Rachel Bilson as Summer Roberts all returned to the main cast. Tate Donovan also initially reprised his role as Jimmy Cooper, but was written out of the series in the seventh episode.[30] However Donovan returned with Jimmy as a guest star in the season finale.[31] Alan Dale, as newly wed Caleb Nichol, joined the main cast, having previously been a recurring role.[3] Former main cast member Chris Carmack, who portrayed Luke Ward, only guest starred in the first episode.

The second season was widely received as inferior to the first,[42] but it has been noted that this may be slightly unfair.[43]The show moved to "ultra-competitive Thursday"[44] nights which Schwartz described as a "real vote of confidence [from] the network",[45] but many attributed placing The O.C. against the likes of Survivor, Joey and Will & Grace as part of The O.C.'s decline in popularity.[46][47] The move improved FOX's performance at the new time slot, but lost the show viewers.[48] The season premiere attracted 8.6 million viewers,[49] but average viewing figures decreased thirty percent from the previous season to 7 million.[50]

For the second season the show was nominated for five Teen Choice Awards winning four of them, including best drama. It was also nominated for the Favorite Television Drama People's Choice Award. Kelly Rowan won a PRISM Award for Performance in a Drama Series Episode, with Peter Gallagher also getting nominated. Additionally the season finale was nominated for the TV Drama Series Episode award.[51] The introduction of bisexual character Alex, was praised as "an especially charismatic new presence",[43] with the show was praised for its handling of her lesbian relationship with Marissa.[52] However Mischa Barton was criticized for her acting skills in portraying Marissa, alongside other noted flaws including "flavorless plots," and "flat new characters who failed to grab the audience's interest".[53] IGN faulted the move to quickly rekindle the Ryan and Marissa relationship and "abruptly write off Alex and Lindsay, after [making] them a pretty big part of the show" but commended a "compelling story centering on Ryan's brother Trey coming to town, leading to a very dramatic season finale"[43] Tate Donovan, who played Jimmy, credited a drop in ratings to "the show moving away from the family dynamic to focus more on the kids".[54]

The DVD release of season two was released by Warner Bros. in the US on August 23, 2005, after it had completed broadcast on television. As well as every episode from the season, the DVD release features bonus material including a gag reel, audio commentary and a fashion featurette.

This season added Alan Dale to the cast. In the first episode, Chris Carmack returned for an appearance as Luke Ward, but was not credited in the main cast. Tate Donovan left the cast during the season, but came back for a guest appearance during the season finale. Alan Dale left the cast after his character Caleb Nichol's death.

Get your stilettos ready: Netflix has renewed "Selling the OC" for season two and season three. The series, a spinoff of the streamer's hit "Selling Sunset," premiered in August 2022 and introduced viewers to a new group of realtors all working their hardest to sell luxury homes for the Oppenheim Group under Jason and Brett Oppenheim.

Netflix's second Selling Universe spinoff, Selling the OC, has arrived and introduced fans to a new cast of realtors that are even wilder than the Sunset crew. Based out of the Oppenheim Group's new Newport Beach office, the series' first season has tons of inter-office competition and interpersonal drama for those of us who are fascinated by questionable workplace dynamics and ultra-luxury real estate. (So far, where LA's homes have industrial touches, the OC has so much wood!)

Though there's plenty of inter-office drama, no one's place at Oppenheim is called into question by the end of the season. It's likely all of the cast would return for season 2, including Alex Hall, Alexandra Jarvis, Alexandra Rose, Austin Victoria, Brandi Marshall, Gio Helou, Kayla Cardona, Lauren Shortt, Polly Brindle, Sean Palmieri, Tyler Stanaland, and Brett and Jason Oppenheim.

While it's too early to see whether the new spinoff will have any multi-season arcs, like Sunset's inter-cast relationships, or a straight-up antagonist à la Christine, there is a bunch of drama among the office relationships. A big part of Season 1 is an argument that split the office into two, when Kayla Cardona was iced out by a contingent led by Alex Hall and Polly Brindle, in response to Kayla making inappropriate advances at her married co-worker Tyler Stanaland.

At the end of the season, the other two Alexandras of the office, Rose and Jarvis, came to Kayla's defense about the whole thing, pointing out that Alex and Polly are super flirty towards Tyler (Many viewers are still trying to scrub the term "nosey" from their brains.) In a Tudum (opens in new tab) interview, the cast confirmed that the dynamics are still split in two after the season's release, with Rose saying she's "not cordial" with anyone except Gio Helou, Kayla, and Austin Victoria. Time will tell whether these are still the set alliances during a possible second season.

"I feel like we all have different layers and different sides and hopefully, if we get more seasons, you guys will be able to dive a little deeper into those sides. Not just our dramatic ones [laughs]."

The near-unanimous reaction to hearing that Marquette had received a verbal commitment from Seymour (WI) guard Sandy Cohen was "What, the dad from The O.C." As such, it seemed the obvious thing to do would be use The O.C. references when he makes an outstanding play for the Golden Eagles. We spent last summer recapping episodes from the first season of the classic Fox drama in order to mine for gold for when the basketball playing Cohen did something superlative. He had a relatively quiet freshman campaign, but that doesn't curtail our quest for entertainment, both during the season and during the quiet summer months. So we're back again in 2015 with recaps for the 24 episode second season.

Alan Dale plays Caleb, a major character in The O.C., who is unexpectedly killed off in season 2. The O.C. is one of the most popular shows of the 2000s, but tumultuous behind-the-scenes factors led to low ratings, which eventually caused the show to prematurely end in season 4. The show follows a troubled teenager, Ryan (Ben MacKenzie), as he tries to adapt to the new lavish reality of California's Orange County, meeting friends, falling in love, and making a bunch of enemies on the way.

The O.C. is one of the defining teen shows of its generation, alternating between a high-school setup and the adult world, addressing serious topics such as depression, teenage angst, and class discrimination in a light-hearted approach. Although The O.C. only counts on a few major deaths before it ended in season 4, they deliver an abrupt change to the plot that isn't as well-received as anticipated. Caleb's death is the first of a few questionable choices that might have resulted in the show's low rating and, consequently, its end.

Caleb's arc takes an abrupt turn "The O.Sea" (season 2, episode 23, "The O.Sea"), when he suffers a fatal heart attack, which followed by a series of setbacks in his life, including the discovery of an illegitimate daughter, Lindsay (Shannon Lucio), the end of his marriage with Julie Cooper (Melinda Clarke), and a serious argument with Ryan. Caleb's death is divisive because the character was starting to become a better person, but never truly finds his redemption in the end. He dies sunken in debts and on the brink of bankruptcy, consequently leaving nothing of value for either Julie or Kirsten.

In an interview with IGN, Alan Dale didn't hide his disappointment over the showrunners' decision to kill off Caleb. Although it's natural that every actor feels upset when they're ripped out of a show, Dale doesn't understand what prompted writers to get rid of his character so soon, and even talks about Marissa's death in season 3, mentioning how they must've been too confident about the other main characters carrying the show. Fortunately, Caleb's death from The O.C. offered Dale a chance to boost his acting career, and he joined the cast of other highly popular TV shows at the time, including the epic drama Lost and the comedy Ugly Betty. 59ce067264

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