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Amped Five Full Download [PATCHED]l

The next day, at the opening leg of the Download Festival, where much talk has been made of the large representation of females in the line up, it becomes clear that it doesnt get much better. With the festival becoming a veritable women-dominated affair, bands like The Other Side Of and The Nightwish Cabaret must have been busy. In contrast to their female counterparts whoarent afraid to throw their hair around, theyre a more subdued bunch who, despite rocking a fanbase for nearly half a decade, still seem shy. Its a fair assumption from a female fans perspective that the lack of stage presence stems from the fact their look cant be bettered. When they step on stage however, things are very different. Their captivating brand of metal-tinged folk instantly grabs its audience. The night wishers are vocal and impassioned; their spoken lyrics, whether uplifting, painfully sad or a mixture of both, are heartfelt. Their haunting version of Never Say Goodbye leaves an impression of their ability to connect with the crowd. Each member, standing amongst the sea of people, looks visibly moved. Im at the mercy of her beauty, pal, a sentiment echoed by a swelling crowd. At the emotional and dramatic close of Till Night Falls, sung by lead vocalist Imad Ben Darrah, its his overwhelming presence that the crowd connects to. Theres a sense of weight and depth, something a little more than just a pretty face. (EW)

Amped Five Full Downloadl

The hype is growing: it's Cults time, and finally the band are going to the top of the bill. The true star of the show here is still the band, their rising fame and charismatic frontman made this personal event for them. Next to Adam Granduciel, Antonoff has proven to be the figurehead of the new generation of indie pop. With just one album under his belt - their debut, "Boys and Girls" - it's crazy to imagine the monster career that awaits him now. He delivers the most confident set of the night, keeping the tone light-hearted and bright, full of charisma, whether it be with the audience or solo. All the while, the spectacular visuals keep getting better and better. (MM)

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