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Mastering Use Of English B2 Teachers Book

Mastering Use Of English B2 Teachers Book -

the final step on the road to becoming a c2 english speaker is to master the language completely, and to become a native speaker. by this point, you will be able to understand every word. you will be able to use your english in your daily life. you will be able to use the language to express yourself and understand other people completely. this will require you to be completely immersed in the language and to keep learning and using the language. you will need to read, listen to, and watch programs in english. you will also need to be able to use english in conversations with native speakers. in order to reach this stage, you must be prepared to spend thousands of hours practicing and learning.

we will probably never be able to come up with a single, agreed-upon threshold level for the use of english in a foreign language. many factors influence the way in which the language is used, such as the nature of the communicative situation, the language and cultural background of the learner and the target language. for some cultures, english is used as a second language and the language is also used as a lingua franca to facilitate communication between individuals from different cultures. in this case, english is used for the purpose of facilitating communication and not to convey a sense of superiority or self-confidence.

at this level, you have already covered the basics of b1-b2. you are familiar with the english language, and you can communicate effectively in english for your own purposes. you can also communicate with native speakers of the language, and can answer any of their questions. in addition, you are at a point where you can write your own essays, and you can review, correct and adapt information you find in books or magazines. you are now comfortable with the basics of speech, grammar, vocabulary, and spelling. 3d9ccd7d82

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