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[S1E3] Change Of Venue

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[S1E3] Change Of Venue

While trying to figure out why a young patient (Nicholas D'Agosto) will not stop bleeding after a car wreck, House accepts Cuddy's challenge and goes off Vicodin for a week in exchange for no clinic duty for a month. As House's withdrawal symptoms become severe, his methodology for his patient is more harsh and risky, and Foreman and Cameron are afraid he may not be thinking clearly enough in order to save the patient's life. House does solve the case though by exhuming the family's recently deceased cat and performing an autopsy on it. He finds high doses of napthalene, which is excreted by termites as a repellent. The patient has been exposed to the poisonous vapors due to a termite nest behind the walls of his bedroom.

House fights off a meningitis outbreak and Cuddy gives his team an hour to produce results after he singles out a young patient (Skye McCole Bartusiak)[29] who does not quite fit the criteria. House tries to get Cameron to return in the wake of Vogler's departure, but she demands House tell her why he really wants her back. House and Wilson interview potential replacements for Cameron's position. Cameron agrees to return in exchange for a dinner date with House.

Megan: Maybe this includes the lost revenue from the rental venue being behind, or expediting the custom garage doors. I wish we knew more about this. Finley needs her own show to walk us through the numbers.

Also in Ep. 2, viewers also see Nicky Roman (Anna Friel) singing "The Card You Gamble," the show's theme song, performed in real life by Caitlyn Smith. Live music wasn't the focus of these introductory episodes as Dottie's scandalous death and funeral took the stage. That changes early on during Ep. 3 (Sep. 27), when Gigi Roman (Beth Ditto) is seen in studio rehearsing a countrified version of Lizzo's "Juice." Everyone is preparing for the Queens of Country concert, set to pit sisters Gigi and Nicky against each other for title of "Queen." Shout out to Earl (Kevin Cahoon), who continues to steal every scene he's in. This time, he recognizes how everyone likes a little Game of Thrones with their country music, and he's not wrong.

It's interesting because I know that you are, as you say, you're an activist on a certain number of topics. We just had in a previous series of our podcast, Don Cheadle and Baaba Maal, who are a very well-known actor and Baaba Maal is a singer. And both of them have been very active on the climate change agenda from a totally different ecosystem and world, one of them looking at the Sahel, and one of them looking at it more broadly from where he stands in the US. We see a lot of people now considering that is it is the big topic of this century.

SRK: My take is that I feel like it's first a question of imaginaries and making sure that what is the way we approach what is living, what is alive, has to change. And I feel like since it's a matter of imaginaries, artists and creatives have a lot of work to do with making sure that this question is not just a question of the environment and us humans, it's a question of totality. And that's how we, as designers, as people who produce things and make them appear on this earth, that's how we have to think about it. I've recently, just earlier this year, I had the chance to collaborate with a company named Little Sun. And Little Sun has that series of films that were focused on renewable energies, and artists had to tell a story that was based on climate change and on renewable energies. And the intention of the project was to make sure that the creatives see the conversation, and to see if the artists could get it further than it is actually with policy, politics, etc.

MD: Now it's very exciting to hear what you are saying because you're not talking about just the economic incentive for people to think about climate change, but you are bringing the cultural dimension to it: preserving the environment, preserving biodive

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