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Best Buy Iphone 5s Battery Replacement

Best Buy Iphone 5s Battery Replacement =====

Fortunately, Apple offers in-store and mail-in battery-replacement service. And most local phone-repair shops will do this as well. Because I'm the Cheapskate, of course I shopped around first. Apple would obviously be the most expensive option (because it's Apple!), so I asked for quotes from three nearby shops. To my surprise, the rates ranged from $89 to $129 -- on the high side, I thought, but still far cheaper than buying a new phone.

The other win: I felt a little more comfortable with Apple doing the work. A few years ago I hired a local shop to replace my daughter's phone battery; it came back with a broken front camera. Around the same time, my sister used a different shop for a replacement battery; a couple months later, the phone started coming apart due to faulty glue.

Yes, Best Buy is an Apple-authorized service provider and offers various repair services, including battery replacement. The cost to replace the iPhone battery stays the same and is free if you have AppleCare+. Best Buy still shows the older prices, but the cost will likely increase here after March 1, 2023.

The waiting period depends on a variety of factors. If you take the phone to an Apple Store or an authorized service center, the battery replacement could be done as quickly as half an hour and up to two hours, depending on the availability of parts and how busy the store is. The store or service provider will give you an accurate estimate when you take the device in for service. It will take at least five business days if you choose to ship the phone to an Apple repair center instead.

Verizon has partnered with Asurion to offer the Mobile Protect extended warranty service, which includes battery replacements and other device repairs. However, priced at $17 a month, you might be better off subscribing to the cheaper AppleCare+ instead.

The iPhone battery replacement cost depends on your phone model. Replacing the battery on any phone in the 14 series costs $99. It costs $69 to replace the battery on other any iPhone with Face ID, from the iPhone 13 series to the iPhone X. Apple charges $49 to replace the battery on older iPhones without Face ID, going back to the iPhone 5S. However, Apple will increase the battery replacement cost for all iPhones other than the iPhone 14 series by $20 on March 1, 2023. This will bring the price up to $89 and $69 for Face ID and non-Face ID iPhones, respectively.

However, there is a critical pricing update you need to be aware of. Except for the iPhone 14 series, the cost to replace the battery on your iPhone will increase by $20 after March 1, 2023. This will bring the battery replacement price of iPhones with Face ID and without Face ID up to $89 and $69, respectively. If you need to replace the battery on an older phone, you might want to do so before March 1.

Otherwise, the iPhone 14 Plus is nearly the same as the iPhone 14. But, again, it's a big-screen iPhone option for $200 less than you usually have to pay for a big-screen iPhone with the best battery life, and those are two of the biggest criteria when searching for a phone.

We test iPhones as if they were our main phones for at least a week, often longer, to get the best feel for their performance, cameras, battery life, and new features while bringing you a timely, definitive review.

The iPhone SE (2022) is the other contender as far as small iPhones go, but its outdated design makes the iPhone 13 Mini the more practical choice in the modern age of digital consumption. Speaking of which, there are some obvious drawbacks to the smaller form factor like battery life, display quality, and multitasking. But if you can shoulder the three, then the iPhone 13 Mini is the best mini iPhone to date.

Do not disregard this as not needing a replacement. Throttling is merely a preventative measure that temporarily impacts performance, so getting your battery replaced is still strongly suggested. Waiting could mean having to purchase a whole new device.

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