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Split Second Velocity English Language Pack


The client normally communicates with the server at a constant data rate. This means that the client sends user commands generated from input data on a constant basis. Again, this is increased with cl_cmdrate. In a multi-user game you have to consider the equivalent of per-player limits. Maximum user command rate (cl_cmdrate) and limit the number of user commands per tick (cl_maxcmds). Additionally t_flare can be set to limit the amount of user input per client.

If the game server needs more bandwidth, it holds other clients' packets so they will be available when the time comes for the client to send packets. This gives rise to the term packet pool, which is equal to the amount of packets that aren't needed by the server right now. When the client sends a packet, the server removes it from the pool. Then when there are no other clients' packets available, the server replays the packet.

If a client receives packets that are in his packet pool, he will replay these packets even if he is not currently sending packets, just like a regular net driver. This is done to reduce overall game traffic. If a client hasn't changed since the last frame, the client will replay the packets received since the last frame. The replay factor determines how often packets are replayed. The maximum replay factor is 1, which means that the client will only send packets if it is needed. Setting the replay factor below 1 will cause clients to replay packets less often, increasing their maximum possible state change frequency. Alternatively adding the t_flare cl_timeoutperpacket value will increase the replay factor without changing state change frequency. This is useful for allowing the server to perform safe state transitions without risking a client's packet pool.

If a client hasn't changed since the last frame, he will still replay the packets received since the last frame. But if he changed since the last frame, the packets received since the last frame will be discarded. The discard multiplier determines how much less often packets are replayed, which also determines how much less often the client will send packets, and therefore how often his packet pool will be drained. d2c66b5586

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