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How To Learn German The Easy Way

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You can take your learning even further by using the FluentU language learning program. It includes accurate German subtitles that show contextual definitions on-demand. Just click on or hover over the word you want to check.

FluentU makes it possible to learn from authentic videos, which are the type that native German speakers actually watch. This includes movie clips, entertaining commercials, interesting talks, vlogs and other native content.

The series deals with a lot of topics, including the German alphabet, telling the time, politeness, gender and even some jokes. This is one of most amusing ways to immerse yourself in German and have a laugh at some of the challenging things you have been learning.

That said, the more fun you can make foreign language learning, the easier and faster it will come. If you want to learn German fast, the best way is to go abroad and immerse yourself in the language and culture. However, as shown above, there are ways to learn German before booking a plane ticket.

There is no better way how to learn German than just starting to learn a few words and some daily expressions like saying hello to somebody or asking someone for something. This will give you a little sense of achievement and boost your self-confidence. Here are a few basic German daily-life expressions to start with. Study them and then try to simulate a simple dialogue in your head.

Language teachers will always give you a simple tip on how to learn a language fast and that is: make mistakes. There is no reason to feel awkward about that because mistakes will help you pinpoint your struggles, so you can overcome them.

With Memrise you can learn and socialize at the same time. You can compete with your friends in German. This app also offers other programs, so once you are done with German you can change the subject.

Learning a language normally takes time and you have to be patient with yourself. Using a guide like this one can speed up your language learning process and help you reach your goals faster than you think.

Pronunciation is always an issue when learning the German language, so make sure you watch plenty of videos on YouTube to get your ears used to hear German. Download German songs with lyrics and play them often. Carry with yourself a personal dictionary and write down any word that comes to mind and you would want to learn in German.

/*-->*/Achieving a decent level of German may not be easy but it is definitely possible for anyone willing to dedicate the time and effort needed. There are myriads of ways to learn the language: online or offline, for free or paying, using real-life lessons or an app, participating in a course or having a tandem partner. No matter whether you have an advanced level of German or you are a beginner you can use any of those options or even several at the same time to accelerate the process. Ensuring you have the ability to say the basics would be considered polite, and learning how to order a meal, or buy a bus ticket in German will be highly useful from day one.

High German, or Hochdeutsch is the standardized version of the German language: the official literary and spoken form. This is what students of German will learn, and it is still the official form of the language taught in schools of countries which adhere to different dialects of the language, such as Switzerland; people here speak Swiss German (Schweizerdeutsch) but read and study in Hochdeutsch. The biblical translations of Martin Luther in the 16th century led to the development of High German as the region's primary language.

Achieving a good level of German may not be easy but it is definitely possible! In our video we answer all your learning German questions, such as: "How long does it take to learn German", "How many words do you need to be fluent in German" and even "What is the best way to learn German".

Try not to be put off by how difficult people say learning German can be. Some learners may feel daunted

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