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List Of Libraries In The Philippines

Before you start your search, make a list of the terms, places, people, and specific events about which you want to find primary resources. Remember to keep in mind the language used during the time period you are researching, as those words will allow you to find materials that you might not otherwise locate using modern terms. For example, during the Civil Rights era, some newspapers might have used the term Negro, rather than African American as we use today.Keep this list handy and add to it as you learn more about the topic.

List Of Libraries In The Philippines

These materials are often located in the Special Collections of a library, rather than in the general collection. On this page, you will find some primary sources available to you at the UMD Libraries about Filipino Americans in the Greater Washington, DC, area and the history of the Philippines.

Provided by the Center for Philippine Studies at the University of Maryland. The Philippines has a long history as an independent nation. Although it had its own government, culture, and language from as early as the 16th century, the Philippines was part of the Spanish Empire until 1898. Once the last Spanish soldier in the country had left the Philippines, American forces landed in San Francisco Bay on September 15, 1898, and the Philippines became a U.S. territory. The American government started to formalize its rule over the Philippines in the years that followed. After an independence movement gained momentum, Filipino Americans played an important role in the independence movement as well as in the struggle for freedom.

Archives and manuscripts include unpublished diaries, correspondence, financial records, and other materials created or received by a person, family, or organization, public or private, in the conduct of their affairs. ( SAA glossary ). Below is a list of materials related to Filipino American heritage and history at the UMD Libraries.

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