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Bleach Vs One Piece Latest Version Ai Map

This map already has a time, but a couple of weeks ago its latest version came to light. You do not need to be a fan of any of the animes that appear on the map to enjoy it, since at least in my case, I've seen only a couple of episodes of Bleach, Naruto and One Pice. The map has a very good game mode, which allows you to play it only on your computer, and online against other players, and this I consider a point in favor, since other maps that I have played Warcraft III, do not have active mode outside line , and if you want to practice a bit before playing with other players, you can not because when you start the map, the enemy computer does not choose a character, while in this, you can choose up to 6 enemies and 5 friends. And to win, a team must reach the goal of enemy deaths.

Bleach Vs One Piece Latest Version Ai Map

A map that is worth playing both alone and with other people, since it is very difficult to bore you, and personally, merges two things that I really like, the anime and Warcraft III. It is a bit difficult at first to get used to, especially the creation of objects, because when you are a newbie, you do not know which are the objects that are best for you, because the characters have different attributes, and different performances.You can download the map and be aware of the latest versions here: 076b4e4f54

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