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i was excited when i saw the list of languages supported but when i decided to purchase it i had to spend a great deal more than i intended. fb import requires at least windows 2000 although i had no problem with an older version. after installing it runs fine except for two problems. one the messages are impossible to read from the default font found with windows 95 (which for me seems to translate into totally blank messages) and the other is that i cant change the font. no matter what i do i cannot adjust the font within fb import.

installationrufusburnervirtualboxxubuntu is an ubuntu derivative for older pc's that run on computers with low ram and lack of graphics card onboard. it is built on top of debian testing.iso imagedarik's boot and nukea simple mbr repair utilityixchangerto change your username: ixchanger this will open a filemanager for you to change your username. there is a file that will allow you to change your username. the file is located in $mnt/$home or you can find it in .tobelaunch it and the change from username to 'root'.tobethe password for root will be the current system password.if you want to change the root password then go to users-configuration.txt in the home folder, the password you enter here will be used as the root change the username of a normal account: ixchanger this will open a filemanager for you to change your username.tobeyou will now have root access if you use the command'su'. 3d9ccd7d82

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