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Ghost Rider Movie Series Download in Hindi: Action, Fantasy, Thriller

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Ghost Rider Movie Hindi Hd Download

ghost rider: spirit of vengeance (2011) hd 1080p 3d widescreen watch online in high quality for free. ghost rider spirit of vengeance is a 2011 american superhero film based on the marvel comics character ghost rider. it is the seventh installment in the ghost rider film series. directed by nicolas waugh, the film stars nicolas cage, eva mendes, billy crudup, and lin shaye. a former stunt rider, johnny blaze (cage) finds his father in a precarious state after being struck by lightning. dying, barton tells his son to use his powers to protect him and his mother, who is pregnant with a daughter. despite his protests, johnny obeys barton and is struck by lightning, becoming the ghost rider. johnny uses his powers to protect his mother and his unborn daughter, all while searching for the person who destroyed his father. in the process, johnny meets roxanne (eva mendes), the love of his life, and an angel named allison (chloe grace moretz), who is responsible for his transformation. the evil anders fackler (billy crudup) uses his demonic powers to try and destroy johnny and the world, and to this end he sets the house of darkness in the middle of a violent and deadly battle between ghost riders. it was released on july 23, 2011 in the united states by columbia pictures, a division of sony pictures entertainment. the film was distributed by columbia pictures, and in the united kingdom by universal pictures. the film was released on dvd and blu-ray october 6, 2011, with english, spanish and korean dubbings. this is the first film in the ghost rider series since the release of ghost rider 2, in which he was portrayed by quinton "rampage" jackson. it is the only ghost rider film not to be a direct sequel to the original ghost rider. it was followed by ghost rider: spirit of vengeance. in a twist of irony, the sequel was directed by the same director of the first film, waugh. the director explained that this was the first time that a director has made two sequels to a film.

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