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Blood Bowl 2 Stadium Upgrades [HOT]


Blood Bowl 2 Stadium Upgrades [HOT]

This stadium is five football fields long and 112 metres (375 ft) wide, making it the largest stadium in the NFL. Bill Belichick said the Patriots’ facilities are some of the best in the National Football League and on top of that, the build throughout the years have been top notch. The front of the stadium, which is rectangular in nature, is known as the "Immaculate Conception" as it is said that a young man fell in love with a young woman on a church's wooden altar. The young man decided to build his own church, and she was the altar on which he was building it.

The stadium has a vernacular theme, with the high-end money was spent on the vernacular. Although the stadium is over 100 years old, its modern day amenities give it the look of a state-of-the-art stadium. The field itself is surrounded by a ribbon of artificial seats. It has been home to five Super Bowls and has been the site of a number of significant events, including the Olympic torch being lit in 1996, and the famed "I Spit on Your Grave" water-boarding scene in 2002.

The stadium also has its own school; the MITEC Sports Network School of Innovation. There are dorms, study areas and a mess hall. The sports are pre-recorded and staff is on hand to answer questions. Further, the stadium has a West Coast-influenced restaurant called Two Boots that provides burgers, pasta, meat and salad.

The plan is to build a Field of Dreams-style dome over the west end of the stadium. The nearly $1 billion stadium, which will cost as much as $3.8 billion, will have room for 75,000 seats, and the net effect will be to add 6,000 fans to the already crowded venue. d2c66b5586

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