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Structural Design Manual Vol 2 M [UPDATED]

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Structural Design Manual Vol 2 M [UPDATED]

The structure or mechanical system should be analyzed to identify the load or load combination that may be encountered. The structural system should be analyzed to determine the safety of surrounding structures. It is the general responsibility of the architect or engineer as the principal to develop appropriate criteria for structural design of the project.

Investigators or the building's owner should investigate the location and use of the building, and the site's soil, rock, landscape, views, or visual access. The building's accessibility to pedestrian traffic should be determined, including whether the site is suitable for wheelchair access. The characteristics of the site including environmental hazards must be determined as well. The site's topography should be mapped and documented. If parking or surface access is desired, a parking analysis is critical.

The building's physical and environmental characteristics must be determined and documented, including the building's or site's surrounding vegetation and landscaping, and its proximity to underground utilities and other structures. In some cases, security concerns may require the site's location and pattern, along with the use of a security analysis; this is the responsibility of the architect or engineer as the principal.

It is often necessary to investigate and study existing buildings and structures to determine the suitability of the project site, including the building, its components, connections, and interiors. An investigation of the building is used to determine what type of work is required to restore, renovate, or upgrade a facility. Information obtained from the investigation may be used to determine the need for a historic preservation treatment.

Engineering Design including the mechanical system should identify all the services required for the project. The proposed services should be identified including any mechanical systems. This includes electrical, heating/cooling and plumbing. d2c66b5586

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