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Over time, the Air Nomads became increasingly detached from the rest of the world, with many monks as well as nuns focusing on enlightenment and spiritual matters.[28][2] This rejection of material issues resulted in Air Nomads becoming an ever more rare sight in the Fire Nation and Earth Kingdom. Nevertheless, members of other nations continued to view Air Nomads as bearers of good fortune,[19] and many non-Air Nomads settled in the air temples as pilgrims to seek enlightenment.[2]

Avatar Yangchen of the Western Air Temple was considered one of the greatest Avatars in history.[29] During Yangchen's childhood, the Air Nomads were considered a neutral party in the period of tense international relations that occurred after the Platinum Affair. Before the shang cities were established, the Air Nomads were the only nation free to travel between the other nations that pursued strict isolationist policies. During this time, the Northern Air Temple came to provide charity and aid to people who illegally left the shang city of Bin-Er without exit passes. Abbot Sonam warned Avatar Yangchen about using her spy Kavik in her investigation into the shangs, fearing how world leaders would react if they discovered the Air Avatar was launching operations from the temples.[30][31] After Yangchen apprehended all members of the Unanimity project when they started a great combustionbending display in Bin-Er, the Northern monks started to tend to the city with alms and blessings.[32] However, Sonam was disappointed and resentful of Yangchen when she made them secretly confine the perpetrators of the project to rooms in and hamlets around the temple, warning them that if they acted as jailers for too long, they may get a taste for domination over human beings, and would no longer be Air Nomads.[33]

The Air Nomads also hosted and trained Yangchen's successor Kuruk, although he regularly caused trouble at the air temples. As a result, the prestigious and accomplished monk Kelsang of the Southern Air Temple was appointed to watch over Kuruk; he went on to join the Avatar's team of companions.[36] Following Kuruk's early death, the world experienced a period of intense crisis, as violent uprisings, political infighting, and banditry grew rapidly, while no new Avatar could be identified for years. The Air Nomads continued to look inward during this time, resulting in some Earth Sages accusing them of inactivity and arguing that the Air Nomads' intense detachment of the world had disrupted the Avatar Cycle.[28] The Air Nomads disowned and exiled Kelsang during this time, as he stole the Avatar relics to expedite the search for the Avatar, and killed many Fifth Nation pirates to save Earth Kingdom civilians from a large raid.[37] Though Kelsang returned the relics when he finished using them, the monks worried about their vulnerability.[38]

Twelve years after the passing of Avatar Roku, Fire Lord Sozin used a comet, later named Sozin's Comet, to enhance his armies' firebending abilities to eliminate the Air Nomads, the next nation in the Avatar Cycle, to achieve his goal of world domination. The high monks anticipated a war coming and the Council of Elders of the Southern Air Temple decided to reveal to Aang his identity as the Avatar prematurely at age twelve as opposed to the standard sixteen. His airbending training was subsequently intensified despite already having earned his mastery tattoos. The revelation made Aang feel that his childhood was taken away from him and everyone suddenly treated him differently. When the monks attempted to separate Aang from his master and father-figure, Gyatso, to complete his airbending training at the Eastern Air Temple, Aang, having overheard the conversation, ran away on his bison, Appa. They accidentally got caught up in a storm and crashed at sea. While sinking, Aang unconsciously entered the Avatar State, freezing himself and Appa in a sphere of ice, which kept him alive for the next century. Meanwhile, t

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