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Imperia Online Script 46

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Imperia Online Script 46

Most of the units of the Roman military were 1st century BC and had two key features: they were all-mounted (machines were to be mounted on horses), and they consisted of conscripts in service for 21 years of active duty, and a warrior elite called the equites. They fought in units of four and were provided with armour for that purpose. The leadership of the equites was provided by the Centurions (the leaders of centuries).

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Imperia Online is a strategy city-building game with tactical elements. Each player starts with a single city and a settler. At the beginning, players use the initial 20 productions to increase their food, gold, and happiness. The happiness determines who wins the first diplomatic phase and later on the military. There are three production skills available: growth, military production, and gold mine. There are nine technologies: military production, gold mine, civilian construction, hospital, factory, law, navy, and hospital. Economy and happiness are increased by technologies and gold mines, while production is increased by military production, gold mines, and growth.

Unit composition changed with the military organization of Rome. The legion consisted of four tetrarchi (groups of four troops each) of heavy infantry, four turmae (groups of four cavalry) and four pilae (groups of eight light infantry). Legions were sometimes reinforced with four alae (wings), to make up four turmae of four horsemen. Legions were smaller than the later imperial Roman army, which had more emphasis on the heavy infantry, and also had more units than the ranks in the Greek classical army. The legions in classical times were commanded by legates, of who there were four who commanded the legion. 3d9ccd7d82

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