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Palm devices have been gaining traction in recent years. In 2009, Apple released the iTouch, an iPhone-like device without the telephone. The iTouch has been successful, to say the least. By the end of 2010, the iPhone itself sold about half a billion units. Apple is the only company that can actually make a decent profit from producing a device that is much more popular than it's own. There are several other handsets in the market that are more popular than Apple and other major suppliers, but Apple makes the most money.

Web hosting is a major industry today. According to studies, the industry is expected to grow to $37 billion by 2014. Hosting is a business and as such, the bigger the business, the more profits can be made. It is also extremely important to note that in terms of profitability, hosting services are among the best in the current economy.

Prokaryotes possess innate and adaptive immune systems that conceptually parallel those found in eukaryotic organisms. Prokaryotic restriction endonucleases function as an innate immune defense mechanism, recognizing conserved nucleotide sequences and subsequently cleaving foreign nucleic acids. These endonucleases have formed the platform for the generation of powerful tools such as recombinant DNA technology and genome sequencing. Alternatively, CRISPR-Cas systems serve as the adaptive immune system of bacteria and archaea. By incorporating short sequences of bacteriophage-derived or other foreign nucleic acids into their own genome, prokaryotes use CRISPR-Cas systems to recognize new targets and degrade these invaders upon secondary encounter, analogous to a memory response in eukaryotic organisms. 3d9ccd7d82

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