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Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters Episode 149


Kaiba accuses Pegasus of being behind this monster scare. But Pegasus says Kaiba's afraid to admit that maybe these monsters are real. Kaiba says he doesn't believe in hocus-pocus magic tricks, and he certainly doesn't believe in real monsters. (Japanese Kaiba says the only one who could have created this monster scare is Pegasus, but Pegasus says it's all Kaiba's responsibility. Kaiba demands to know what Pegasus means, and Pegasus says he'll tell him if Kaiba can beat him in a duel.) Pegasus reminds him of what happened before, when he captured both Mokuba and Kaiba's souls with his Millennium Eye, but Kaiba doesn't want to hear about it. (Japanese Kaiba says Pegasus is reminding him of old humiliations in order to stir him up.) That's old news, he says, holding up his Duel Disk, and Pegasus agrees that it's time for the rematch of the century!

Back at the duel, Pegasus draws the magic card, Toon Table of Contents, which allows him to draw any card from his deck with the word "Toon" in the title. Not again! Kaiba exclaims. Toon World Pegasus says that of all the cards he's created, Toon World is his favorite. Paying 1000 life points, he plays it, saying this card allows him to summon any and all of his Toon monsters to the field. Then he summons Toon Masked Sorcerer (900 ATK). 59ce067264

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