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we see the value in giving franchisees more control and flexibility to work the way they need, said libardi. as demonstrated by the multi-unit markets, like manhattan, where marcos currently has the largest market share, our fans embrace our industry-leading technology to simplify their lives.

theresa olson, vice president of operations, said her team has enhanced the efficiency of the overall operation at all four of our restaurants in the tempe market. as one of the many benefits of franchising, we now see more than 10 per cent profit growth at all locations in the last year and a half.

the property tax rate is low in the area, which also benefits the community. the city of tempe is known for its arts and culture and has become a hub for new and established businesses and leaders. not only are we thrilled to offer a product that the community can enjoy, we are thrilled to live in a community with so many opportunities for growth.

pizza is everyones favourite, and it has been since our founders first served up a slice. since then, we have grown to be the leading pizza brand in the us, and we continue to build on that legacy of quality, variety, innovation and value.

marcos has been a part of my life since i was 11 years old, said moseley. my dad started the first marcos in the hampton roads area more than 40 years ago, and i knew i wanted to be a part of it. i love what we do and am excited to bring that passion to my new community.

marcos was born on the shipyard, where my father and his brothers grew up, said moseley. it felt natural to be back, to share our food and give back to the men and women who protect our country. we are honored to serve them. 3d9ccd7d82

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