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Mot De Passe Oubli Facebook Hack


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Log in to your Facebook account using any of the following methods: A valid Facebook email address An existing Facebook login through a mobile device A third-party website that Facebook trusts

Once this access is open, the fake Facebook account gets all of the user's friends (the fake account does not have any friends by itself). Every time the hacker changes his password, the victims friend list is updated. As a result, Facebook users receive friend request from the Fake Facebook Account. Then, they get an automatic message to change their password on the fake Facebook account. This is all part of the phishing scheme described above.

To stop this, we recommend that you use the phrase "I'm on a computer" to Facebook's lockbox, which will lock your account but let you get back in by texting your temporary password to your phone. If you have not enabled on Facebook, this will not be possible (although Facebook does reserve the right to reactivate your account in this case). 3d9ccd7d82

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