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Game Of Thrones 7Г0 :

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On March 9, 2017, HBO hosted a live stream on the Game of Thrones Facebook page that revealed the premiere date for the seventh season as being July 16, 2017. It was accompanied by a teaser trailer.[2] On March 30, 2017, the first official promo for the show was released, highlighting the thrones of Daenerys Targaryen, Jon Snow, and Cersei Lannister.[118] On April 20, 2017, HBO released 15 official photos shot during the season.[119] On May 22, 2017, HBO released several new photos from the new season.[120] On May 23, 2017, HBO released the official posters featuring the Night King.[121] The first official trailer for season 7 was released on May 24, 2017.[27] The trailer set a world record for being the most viewed show trailer ever, being viewed 61 million times across digital platforms, in the first 24 hours.[122] The second official trailer was released on June 21, 2017.[26] The season premiere was screened at the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles on July 12, 2017.[123]

This trailer promises a lot of action, including long-awaited dragon breath weapon situations where Dany rides into battle on the back of Drogon. Plus, we get glimpses of the Hound, Jon Snow among the Wildlings, and the Night King playing some kind of mind game with Bran's warg powers. Arya is looking ultra-badass, as is Brienne (with cute li'l sidekick Pod, who has apparently learned to fight pretty well under her tutelage).

Now for some, those fights are intertwined. Jon Snow and Sansa Stark both want Winterfell back, but he's got the long game in mind here. And the name of that game is the survival of men and life as they know it.

I've been fondly reminiscing about HBO's Game of Thrones lately, as the Season 8 premiere draws ever closer. The heroic deeds of Jon Snow and the other Stark children. The irascible Tyrion and his drinking and knowing things. The game of thrones with all its betrayals and surprise twists. Cersei being horrible. The odd couple that is Arya and the Hound.

This is just another example of how the show has swerved from a political drama about playing the game of thrones (to win or to die!) and scheming and spies and double-crosses, into a show about big battles with fiery explosions and characters behaving however they please without any consequences because of their adamantium plot armor.

I write about TV shows like House Of The Dragon, The Witcher, The Rings Of Power, Stranger Things, Yellowjackets, Severance and many others. I also cover movies, video games, comic books and novels, largely in the fantasy, science-fiction, horror and superhero genres. Some of my favorite video games to play and write about include Dark Souls, Elden Ring, Call Of Duty, XCOM, Mass Effect, Titanfall, The Witcher and many other action, RPG and shooter games. My favorite films include Braveheart, Tropic Thunder, Arsenic and Old Lace, Schindler's List and far too many others to list here. I often discuss the \"pop culture wars\" and how shifting cultural values impact our art and entertainment. I prefer deep conversations and debate to shouting matches, and welcome readers from all walks of life and all religious and political backgrounds to join in this conversation. Thanks for reading!

I am a game designer with over 15 years worth of game credits and industry experience. My work includes licensed games based on worlds like Star Wars, Star Trek and Firefly, classic game worlds like Dungeons & Dragons and Shadowrun and my own creations like Camelot Trigger and Save Game. I play a wide variety of games as part of Theatre of the Mind Players and have been the guest of honor at several conventions. I live with my family in Wisconsin, born near the heart of RPGs (and just a few short years younger than they are).

The mod requires CK2 3.3.3. If you have newer version, that's probably the issue. You can downgrade the game to older patch if you go into properties of the game on Steam and change the version in Beta tab.

As seeing people posting for help please read this and stop spam posting here . whoever was incharge of this page stopped checking . im active on the CK2GameOfthrones on this page is not updated please make sure to search reddit or search google for agotcitadelboards (not sure if second is updated but many mods and old threads for help for topics) reddit you should get someone to help within 24 hours . hope this helps

8. Hillsborough, 2-0: Two home games, two victories for the Raiders so far. They have one more against Franklin High School next week before hitting the road for a game against a tough foe in Hunterdon Central Regional High School on Sept. 27.

Due to the limitations of the in-game piano, there are some melodies which are impossible to play on the Raft Piano, including songs which use Sharp or Flat accidentals (the black keys). Please refrain from adding melodies that cannot be played on the Piano, or require Sharps or Flats. 59ce067264

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