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[S1E12] Dream Moms

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It was an interesting tidbit of information to get from his dreams. So was insecurity about being perceived as "dumb" based on his imagining Brandon (who notoriously makes terrible choices regarding women) and Emma (who notoriously carries herself like she's intellectually superior than her peers).

Tony is deeply depressed after Pussy's unexplained disappearance. He sees a beautiful Italian woman in the Cusamanos' backyard next door. She tells him her name is Isabella and that she is a foreign exchange student staying there while the Cusamanos are away. He takes her out to lunch and she describes the beauty of Avellino, where Tony's grandfather came from. He has a daydream about Isabella in a rocking chair in a village house, nursing a baby named Antonio.

I couldn't find a good upload of the full version of Mae e Susume on youtube, so in addition to a clip of the anime version, I'll also add a conversation between Aimi (Kasumi VA) and Nakamura Kou about the lyrics of Mae e Susume (the song Popipa is singing in the last three episodes), and some history, and Aimi's dream for the franchise. Reminder that iTunes and Spotify have every single released for the franchise if you want to listen to them.

The partners share a casual pre-shootout kiss when they roll up to the farm with the rest of the FBI team, and Brennan lives out her season 1 dream of getting to carry a very big gun. (It's so big! Is she certified for this Does the FBI just give anybody an automatic weapon now) They take out one of Kovac's men, but Kovac is still on the loose, and I mean that in the most absurd way: He's just doing circles on the lawn in a jeep. Why! I Do Not Care.

Later, In-ju and In-kyung discuss the apartment and In-kyung leaving for her studies. In-ju tells her that she will take care of all the expenses related to her studies because this time she wants to make sure that she gets to fulfil her wishes. As for the tax, she will take a loan to pay for it because she is unwilling to let go of her dream.

Then Jude asks out of the blue what will happen to Callie. Stef tells him that she will stand before a judge, and they will decide whether or not she is qualified to stay with them. Brandon asks if they could go with them. Stef replies saying that Callie doesn't want them with her. Brandon, feeling confused, begins to question his moms. Jude shook his head before Brandon revealed to his family that he kissed Callie. He is taken outside where his moms bombard him with questions specifically Stef who is in shock and anger. Brandon defends his actions saying that he didn't see the kiss coming and never expected it. He sent back inside the house where he is confronted by Jesus and Mariana. Mariana, especially angry, begins to diss Brandon. This goes on throughout the conversation. When Mariana leaves, Brandon tells Jesus that she should know how it feels when you can't help yourself because he had sex with Lexi but,

Mariana sits at a table to eat when Chase, a senior, approaches her. He suggests her to join the school play. Mariana is immediately smitten. Brandon and Talya are reading the script for the school play. Before Brandon says another line, he tells Talya that they have to break up. Brandon tells her that he does care about her, but he doesn't love her. She asks him if it's because of Callie and Talya says that she just wants to hear him admit it so she knows that she was right. Brandon says that this break up is because of Callie. She tells him that Callie will just hurt him and walks away. Mariana goes to the school's backstage auditorium where she meets Zac. Mariana volunteers to do costume design along with Kelsey. Kelsey follows Mariana who ignores her. Mariana tells her that she lied. Kelsey defends her actions as she said that she didn't tell that Mariana was her drug dealer because she's her friend. Brandon runs home who asks about his moms.

Aang has a dream in which he, Katara, and Sokka fly through clear, sunny skies; Sokka is using Aang's glider, Aang is riding on Appa, and Katara is riding a larger version of Momo. Katara says, "We need you, Aang", to which he responds happily, "I need you, too." Suddenly, the dream takes a dark turn and Aang, panicking as the sky blackens around him, finds himself alone on Appa. The form of his past guardian, Monk Gyatso, appears before him and asks him why he disappeared. Aang replies that he did not intend to vanish and reaches out to his mentor, but Gyatso's body dissolves into dust before him. With the voices of Katara and Gyatso repeating the mantra "We need you, Aang", he and Appa are swallowed by storm, which causes them to crash into the sea. While they sink into the darkness, lightning splits the sky, and the silhouette of Fire Lord Ozai surrounded by flames appears for a fraction of a second. Aang, gasping for air, jolts awake, causing his companions to stir from their slumber as well. He apologizes for the disturbance, explaining that he had a nightmare, though he does not elaborate any further.

The next morning, Aang, seeing the perfectly clear skies above, remarks about how smooth their flying should be and Katara informs him that, since there is no food left, they will have to fly to the closest market. Sokka proceeds to dramatically tell them that he had a dream the previous night in which "food eats people" and claims that it means they should avoid the market, much to Aang and Katara's annoyance.

As rain is pouring down, Katara eventually finds Aang in a small cave. As she enters, he apologizes for having run away. Although Katara accepts his apology, declaring the fisherman to having been out of line, Aang sadly notes that he was right to say the things he had said. When Katara wonders why he would say that, Aang declares he does not want to talk about it, though Katara deduces that it has to do with his dream and urges him to open up to her.

Seung Jo says it was but a dream he only recently had. He wonders what would have been had he been given the opportunity to concretely pursue this dream. Ha Ni cautiously asks if the work at the company interests him, and Seung Jo flat out replies it holds zero interest for him.

That leaf was from the first episode when hani had her mythical daydream in the fairytale land with a white unicorn that morphed into BSJ. she awoke with the leaf, she kept it as a reminder of her dream.

Cut to black and we then open on Frank in a darkened room, in his Marine dress blues and having a little dance with his dead wife, Maria. It's obviously a dream sequence and Frank is awakened from it quickly. He's strapped to a chair back at the old hideout, Russo in front of him. "Welcome back," he says. "Nice place you got here." Frank smiles. "Looks better since I redecorated with your guys." Russo is unaffected. He wants information from Frank. Frank has nothing for him. "What do you think, Bill You think I wanted you and Rawlins under arrest Locked up Nah. No way. I'm gonna kill you, Bill. I'm gonna watch you die." Russo laughs. "You are a trip, you know that" Russo gets in his face. "You don't get to win, Frank. It's over. You've got one choice left and that's how to die and that's all I can give you, man." Russo wants to get in the computers. Frank tells him to ask Micro, but Russo tells him Micro is dead, saying it was Homeland that got him and that it was unavoidable. Frank asks if his wife and kids deaths were unavoidable, too.

Back at the hideout, Frank is a pile of blood, but still conscious. Billy sits next to him, wiping the blood off, much like he was with Madani before. Russo is playing with his mind. "There's nobody left. They're dead. They're all dead because of you," he says. "It's time to put it down. You're a revenant, walking around completely unaware that you're already dead." Russo keeps pressing. Frank, meanwhile keeps changing back to the porno channel of him and Maria. Suddenly, he comes to, though. "Bill. I'm ready Bill. It's gotta be you. It's gotta be clean," he says to Russo. Russo says he promises it will be. Frank puts on his best pathetic act. He tells them that there's a retinal scan and right hand scan. Russo wheels him over to the computer, cuts his right arm free. "Just so you know, we found the gun you had under there." Frank doesn't care. He types in the code and does the scan. We see the camera mounted on the wall go live. "That's it. It's done," Frank says, as his hand reaches under the chair and grabs a hidden knife. Rawlins walks up, smug as hell. "You know, I'm actually a little disappointed in you, Castle.." Aaaand, a knife to the chest and a bite to the neck later and Russo is bashing Frank in the head to stop him, while Rawlins kicks him back into dreamland.

We then jump into Frank's dream with Maria. She's waking him up and it's like he's reliving a morning back from war. "This is the hardest part," Maria says. "You're back, but you're not really here. More and more of you stays there. Where's home, Frank Is it here or is it there I wanna hear you say it." Frank says it's here, but Maria isn't convinced. "I don't know that." They talk about going to the park later and then Frank tells her that he's not going back and that he wants to stay home. They kiss and then we drift back to reality as Russo's hacker is erasing Micro's files while Rawlins beats on Frank in the other room. "You're nothing but a grunt," Rawlins says. "You do not get to take me down. You are gonna beg to me." Russo steps in, telling Rawlins that's enough and that he'll be the one to put Frank down. Rawlins ain't havin' it. "No, he's taken things from me. For that he does not die easy." Rawlins doesn't care about his promise to Castle.

Frank then starts toggling between reality and his dreams. Maria appears to him. "It's time, Frank," she says. "You have to choose." Frank is bloody and beaten. "Don't make me do that," he says. She reaches out. "Come home, Frank." Rawlins then walks up with an adrenaline shot (is he stupid) and Frank is suddenly very alert and awake. Rawlins approaches with a blade. "It was always gonna come down to you and me, Frank. Time for quid pro quo." Back in the dream state, Maria persists for him to "come home". She reaches out her hand and Frank takes it. She smiles, but Frank hesitates. Rawlins moves in to cut Frank's eye. "You're a dead man," he says, "your heart just doesn't know it yet." Frank breaks the straps and in his dream his hand breaks free of Maria. "I am home," he says, finally revealing the truth about who he is. The Punisher. 59ce067264

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