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Banana Split (2018)

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Banana Split (2018)

Thinly roll out your soft yellow fondant and apply a thin layer of buttercream where your banana will be placed before carefully laying the cake on top and wrapping fondant around. Trim a clean eam that the bottom which will be hidden once your banana is placed in its bowl.

Every bite I took tasted like authentic, sweet bananas and the banana-flavored white chocolate crunchies brought that creamy element of vanilla that really let this cereal hone in on being an ice cream-inspired flavor.

April (Hannah Marks) was a typical girl in high school. She was friends with a guy, Nick (Dylan Sprouse), but they both realized they wanted to be more. They date for two years, but when the weight of impending college plans that are on opposite sides of the continent becomes too much to bear, they split. April is heartbroken, but Nick moves on immediately to date a girl named Clara (Liana Liberato). Soon after, April and Clara meet at a house party and become unlikely friends.

Wienerschnitzel goes totally bananas with the launch of its Trio of Banana Splits menu, featuring two new banana split-inspired sweet treats: Banana Spilt Shake and Banana Split Sundae.

New Banana Split Sundae: Think of it as a traditional sundae that starts with Tastee Freez soft serve and hot fudge layered with classic banana split ingredients, including slices of banana, whipped cream and a cherry, served in a sundae cup. 59ce067264

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