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Online Social Work Graduate Programs

Students in the online MSW program get a hands-on look at social work theory, practice and clinical skills required to address the many challenges in our communities and develop solutions for a better quality of life. Field education internships offer first-hand learning experiences with clients and patients, giving students an opportunity to engage and collaborate with other social work professionals.

online social work graduate programs

Graduate social work education is both difficult and time consuming. Many of our students maintain employment, but we strongly emphasize that you schedule your time wisely for both your online courses, and for your field placement. In addition, during your field placement, you will be required to complete at least 50% of your hours during business hours (M-F, 8-5pm), so please keep that in mind.

The accredited online masters degree in social work is a Master of Social Work (MSW) degree track offered through the University of Central Florida. There are two online options available at this time: Online Part-Time track and Online Part-Time Advanced Standing track.

The 25 top accredited online masters of social work degree programs prepare social workers for advanced practice in many areas and career advancement. Earning a Master of Social Work degree opens opportunities for promotion into advanced practice and supervisory roles. Employers may even require a MSW for entry-level positions, especially in clinical and school social work.

The Rutgers MSW program offers a traditional track. However, it also has an advanced standing path for those with a baccalaureate-level social work degree from a CSWE accredited school. Advanced standing students complete this Master of Social Work degree in only four semesters.

Indiana University offers an online Masters of Social Work degree (MSW) Program that is among the most innovative programs. These CSWE accredited best MSW programs online from Indiana University in core coursework of Core of diversity, human rights & social justice, social policy analysis, adult mental health, research, and generalist theory & practice, to name a few. Students can opt for concentrations that include addictions, military social work, foundations of e-social work, and tele-behavioral health, to name a few.

Classes for this Master of Social Work online degree plan include the policy in a social environment, human diversity & development, adult mental health, advanced social policy analysis, confronting oppression & injustice, and evaluation of practice, plus the required field practicum, among others.

Founded in the 19th century (1880), the University of Southern California (Southern Cal) is the oldest university dedicated to research in California. More than 48,150 undergraduate and graduate students attend classes online and on campus.

Case Western Reserve University began with the merger of two existing schools nearby to one another. Founded in 1826, more than 11,650 undergraduate and graduate students attend classes offer on the Cleveland campus and online.

The University of Nevada, Reno offers dual tracks towards a Master of Social Work degree (MSW) Program that is CSWE accredited and ranked among the best online MSW programs according to These best MSW programs online from the University of Nevada include a 62-credit unit traditional Master of Social Work track or a 32 credit unit advanced standing track for students who already hold their BSW degree. Traditional students can complete the program in 32 months, whereas advanced standing students can finish in as few as fifteen months.

Earning an MSW (Masters in Social Work) is no easy feat, but like most things worth the effort, the results are worth the work. An MSW opens doors, opportunities, and places those who earn this coveted degree in rarified air. It is also more challenging than most might imagine, as many who pursue accredited MSW programs are also working professionals.

Balancing the time to study, test, and write in addition to a typically more-than-full workload can be daunting. That also leads many to ask, are online MSW programs good, because they present an excellent avenue to earn that Masters. In addition, some online programs have a specific focus like an online MSW for LCSWs.

This is where the value of an accredited social work program online is recognized, and it is also the answer to the question, are online MSW programs good? The answer is yes if they are accredited MSW programs. Be careful though of the word affiliation and accreditation. There are plenty of good online MSW degree programs that have accreditation.

There are many opportunities and Masters in Social Work jobs for those who have earned their degrees. What do those opportunities look like, or to put it more directly, what can I do with a Masters in Social Work you ask? Great question, and here are a few of those amazing masters in social work careers that fall under the category of Masters in Social Work jobs:

It might be a term thrown around or that you heard in researching online MSW programs. However, what is the GRE exactly, and more importantly, do you need the GRE to qualify for an online MSW program. This test predates the age of technology and that has left a little room for debate now concerning the necessity, need, and use of the GRE for online schooling.

Simply put, the GRE (Graduate Record Examination) is a standardized test used for years by many graduate schools for admissions. The good news is, that while many online MSW programs do require this testing, there are online MSW programs no GRE required available too.

The program learning outcomes offer training and development consistent with the Council on Social Work Education competencies and standards. Your B.S. in social work will prepare you to work withdiverse populations of individuals, families and communities.

Our alumni are currently employed by social welfare organizations, nonprofits, governmentalorganizations working in the area of social and behavioral health, hospitals, hospicecare, public health, community-based organizations, social enterprise, and socialwelfare policy.

The employment of social workers is projected to grow faster than average for otherprofessions*. With this in mind, we have taken steps to advance the social work careersfor our students. On completing the B.S. in social work major online, you will meetall criteria to be accepted into M.S.W. programs.

You will be prepared for careers as therapists or counselors, medical social workers,school social workers, hospice social workers, community outreach workers, human servicespecialists, probation officers, behavioral management aides, substance abuse counselors,and foster care social workers.

Are you looking for a future that brings you a sense of satisfaction along with asalary? Do you look at the world around you and say, "I want to make a difference?"If so, consider a career in professional social work!

The Council on Social Work Education mandates that social work programs establish minimum standards for field supervisionand that supervisors are experienced social service agency personnel, preferably witha B.S.W. or M.S.W. degree. This formalized supervision results in consistently highstandards of quality. Other undergraduate majors who have a field experience usuallydo not have formal, professional supervision.

Social work students at SUNY Plattsburgh must complete a minimum of 450 supervisedhours of field experience, along with a seminar. Through their field practicums, studentsrefine their professional social work skills and integrate classroom course contentwith on-the-job experience in service provision, outreach, networking, and resourcedevelopment.

Do you have a calling to help shape a more inclusive and equitable world? Start your journey as a social change-maker at Walden. Accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE), our online Master of Social Work program is designed to turn your passion into the knowledge, skills, and confidence you need to be an effective social worker.

The online Master of Social Work (MSW) program prepares scholar-practitioners who demonstrate culturally responsive ethical, evidence-based practice with individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities. The curriculum emphasizes cultural humility within a strengths-based, generalist intervention model and provides advanced clinical skills needed for specialized practice. The program prepares students to be change agents within and beyond their local communities and to advocate for social justice on behalf of diverse populations, with particular attention to people who are vulnerable and/or oppressed.

Dr. Chenobia Webster-Hill holds a Doctor of Social Work (DSW) in Clinical Practice and Leadership. She is currently active as a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) in the states of Arkansas, Mississippi, and Tennessee with experience in clinical counseling in higher education.

The Walden online experience is designed with the adult learner in mind, allowing students to balance their courses with their careers, families, and other responsibilities. Students work on their own to meet course deadlines. Students interact with faculty and peers using online discussion boards, and assignments are submitted via the online classroom.

Students are provided with written case studies covering some of the most critical issues facing social work clients today. Then, in the online classroom, students are exposed to a series of video case studies, custom-designed and produced by Walden. These case studies allow students to apply their learning to situations that social workers face in their daily practice.

Field experience is required by all CSWE-accredited MSW programs and is an opportunity for students to work in real-life settings, interacting with clients under the supervision of a professional social worker. As part of the Walden MSW curriculum, students complete two field experiences over four quarters/terms for a total of 900 hours (students in the Advanced Standing option will complete one field experience for 500 hours). It is important that students consider how they will manage the field experience requirements with other responsibilities. 041b061a72

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