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2021 Download Vaio Recovery Media Kit

If you have purchased a Sony Vaio PCG-9RDM Laptop, in which the warranty period ended during 2004, then you can use the software provided by Sony. You will need to provide your Laptop Serial number as mentioned below:

download vaio recovery media kit


You need to download Software provided by Sony In this case if the Sony Vaio Product Line is not present, then we will need to use another software provided by Sony company. Either use Sony Guru software or Sony Hardware diagnostic program. The Sony Guru software can be downloaded here and the Sony Hardware diagnostic program can be downloaded here

This is a small utility for hard resetting your Sony Vaio SVS-1512S1ES by using the USB or sd card. The small utility will reboot the Vaio and show the hard reset screen. It will also apply Wi-Fi passwords. To reset your Vaio Sony Vaio SVS-1512S1ES the button will have to be held down for a few seconds to get the Vaio to reboot. The disk has been created by Sony to aid Sony Vaio SVS-1512S1ES owners on how to hard reset and recover from a non-booting Sony Vaio SVS-1512S1ES.

Do not mess around with the Vaio SVS-1512S1ES Recovery Disk driver. Once you have a driver you want to use on your Sony Vaio SVS-1512S1ES, be sure to save it to your desktop as file. Drag and drop your driver into the window below. Click Start and let the driver complete the installation. Once the installation is finished, restart the computer. Keep the Vaio SVS-1512S1ES Recovery Disk on hand, you will need to reinstall the driver on your Vaio Sony Vaio SVS-1512S1ES every time you use it. If you need to re-install a Vaio SVS-1512S1ES Recovery Disk after accidentally deleting it, the utility can be found in the same folder as the Vaio SVS-1512S1ES Recovery Disk. To uninstall the Vaio SVS-1512S1ES Recovery Disk, simply delete the file. You can't install it or remove it twice. You can rename it, by right-clicking on the file > Properties > Rename. Removing it will also delete it.

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