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2016 Fin 380 Week 5 Dq1


2016 Fin 380 Week 5 Dq1

Although fever and acute illness usually resolve within 1 week (mainly in children but also in some adults), most adult patients take longer to recover. In some patients, some dengue symptoms last for 6 months after the acute phase. The most frequent symptoms that are present at 6 months after acute illness are weakness (27.6% of patients), headache (14.8% of patients) and arthralgias (10.6% of patients). One study showed that these symptoms had an irregular appearance, were inconsistent and were mostly related to physical or mental exertion277. The persistence of some dengue symptoms has even been demonstrated 2 years after the acute illness278. Liver enzymes can normalize 1 month after acute illness279 or continue to be raised for a much longer duration as a marker of liver cytolysis280. Fatigue post-DENV infection can result in clinical disease beyond the acute phase of infection, which may be explained by the immune alterations that are triggered by the DENV281. Some immunocompetent patients who had experienced severe dengue among other infectious diseases have had an increase in lymphocyte count preceding clinical deterioration that included interstitial pneumonitis, airway obstruction, CNS disturbances and systemic capillary leak syndrome, all of which were thought to represent immunopathological tissue damage282.

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