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Terrified MP3 Download

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Terrified MP3 Download

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Includes unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality downloads of Nadir, Lust From Beyond, Succubus, Red Wings: Aces of the Sky, House Flipper, Agony, Lust For Darkness, Sacred Agony, and 1 more. , and , . Purchasable with gift card Buy Digital Discography $48.88 USD or more (15% OFF) Send as Gift Share / Embed 1. Light And Darkness 03:29 info buy track 2. Silent Hit 02:19 info 3. Starwalker 01:59 info buy track 4. Memories 02:28 info 5. Unknown Enemy 02:11 info 6. To The Centre Of The Galaxy 02:30 info 7. Hung In The Balance 03:13 info 8. Postponed Revenge 01:26 info 9. Dark Alleys 02:33 info buy track 10. Chase Through The City 03:41 info buy track 11. Mystery 04:35 info buy track 12. Dark Truths 01:36 info 13. Escape Route 02:17 info 14. Traitors 01:58 info 15. Too late 01:25 info 16. Galaxy At War 02:31 info 17. War Preparations 02:36 info 18. Light Of The Infinity 03:06 info 19. Invasion 04:54 info buy track 20. Ruins 01:56 info 21. Enemy Within 04:28 info buy track 22. Farewell 02:07 info 23. Remembered 02:33 info 24. Circles Of Light 02:54 info about It's an album with a story inspired science fiction music. It was made in 3 years in a free time.There is no film or video game so what 'story inspired' means here Well, I wrote the music with a specific idea in mind. Then I put all tracks together in an order that can follow the story. I didn't try to make the music too illustrative. I wanted to make some images that I saw when writing the music.Here's the story, if you want to "see" what I meant:(Light And Darkness) There are many stories about struggle between good and evil, right and wrong, light and darkness. But when two sides collide, both of them fight for what they believe. Although one of them wins in the end, none of the wars has a good ending. And this is a story about one of those wars.(Silent Hit) In a colony on a distant planet, a special task-force is on a mission to rescue hostage situation.(Starwalker) After a success, a spaceship called 'Starwalker' arrives to take the soldiers to the capital of the galaxy.(Memories) Onboard the vessel, two lovers reunite. They share some free time together, remembering old friends.(Unknown Enemy) In the meantime, an unknown force is making a move to disturb the balance between species.(To The Centre Of The Galaxy) After a hyperspace jump, 'Starwalker' arrives in the capital, a planet that is a centre of political life in the galaxy. The ship lands in one of the magnificent cities on the surface.(Hung In The Balance) The war between the politicians doesn't seem to end in the galactic parliament. Even a smallest spark can ignite a war. A skilled general interrupts the argument and presents an evidence of existence of a threat to all spieces. However, it doesn't calm the parliament down.(Postponed Revenge) Soldiers, who just came from the mission, receive a terrible message about an attack and death of their friends. They swear to avenge their brothers-in-arms when the time comes.(Dark Alleys) Covert operatives go to the dark alleys of the capital where they are supposed to catch supposed traitors during a secret meeting.(Chase Through The City) Unfortunately, everything goes wrong and they must apprehend runaways.(Mystery) The special task-force goes on a mission to a place in a foreign territory. There they are hoping to find a clue about recent attack and some information about the galactic threat.(Dark Truth) The soldiers uncover a terrifying truth - a powerful weapon of mass destruction and enemy plans.(Escape Route) However, the soldiers are compromised. They must run for they lives

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