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Where Can You Buy Flea Bombs

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Fleas multiply quickly, and it can be hard to control their population in your home or yard. A commonly advertised method of flea control is the flea bomb.While bug bombs are tempting, they are not proven to be very effective, and their use carries potential health and safety hazards.

Flea bombs are not an effective method of flea control. The pesticides released do not penetrate the carpets or other fibers where the flea eggs and larvae are likely to be hiding. The University of Nebraska-Lincoln recommends an Integrated Pest Management approach, instead of the use of insect bombs. According to a university fact sheet on integrated flea control, if you suspect an infestation, there is a process you should follow:If you have fleas in your home or yard and are unsure of the safest, most effective way to rid yourself of these pests, call Terminix.

When fleas overtake every nook and cranny of your home, the most effective way to eliminate them is with a flea bomb or fogger. While using a bomb or fogger in your house can be a time-consuming experience, it's also a safe and ultimately easy way to solve your pesky flea infestation.

Next, take all of your clothes and linens out of the closet and place them in laundry bags, sealing the tops tightly. It's best to take these clothes to the laundromat or dry cleaner while your home is being flea bombed. Pet bedding should also be thoroughly washed, as this is where fleas are likely to hide.

Take your petThe fumes of flea bombs and foggers are too powerful for humans and animals, so you must take your four-legged friend out of the house with you during the procedure. Before bringing your pet back into the house, you'll need to open all the windows to ventilate the home for at least 30 minutes.

Due to their size, strength, and chemical composition, flea bombs are not considered long-term pest control and may not be able to combat true flea infestations, but they can have moderate short-term efficacy.

If you believe that you or your pets are being attacked by fleas that have infested your home, it is acceptable to try flea bombs. We still will always recommend regular conventional pest control services vs. flea bombs. Still, if you are in an extreme situation and looking for a quick solution, flea bombs can help remedy your flea problem.

The reality is that regularly scheduled pest control services for fleas will be far more effective than a reactionary flea bomb. Similarly, when you get an expert pest control technician to assess your property regularly, they can create a unique plan to deal with all pests, including fleas.

Getting rid of fleas can be difficult as for every single adult flea there are 35 larvae and as many as 50 eggs in your carpets, furniture, nooks and crannies. But with the introduction of the flea bomb help is at hand.

A flea bomb, also known as a fogger or total release fogger, is a container that houses a pesticide-induced fog that when released sprays a cloud of insecticide into the atmosphere. This fog then falls to the ground effectively contaminating every surface it comes into contact with.

Follow all the instructions on your flea bomb container. Don't forget that some flea bombs may spray chemicals for up to eight hours so you need to prepare to be away from your property for that length of time. During this time the pesticide will have floated to the ground reducing the risk of breathing it in.

Babies are known to be highly sensitive with weaker immune systems. So the safety of your baby after using flea bombs becomes a huge priority. A high concentration of substances could be dangerous so you need to vacate your home for several hours following treatment. On your return make sure that anything your baby may touch has been thoroughly cleaned.

Flea bomb alternatives come in the shape of supplements in your pet's diet to make their blood less attractive to fleas. Other defences include flea combs, safe flea repellents, and flea powders or drops recommended

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