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There are a few ways you can go about getting a modded PSP for use with a patched UMD. The first, the SBC CM modded PSP 1.20 firmware, would require only a motherboard to be flashed with it, so this is the best option for those who already have a stock Playstation Portable and are looking to use it with external media. SBC CM is still a popular choice, however you should be aware that while the newer versions still work with external media, the later versions are incompatible with software that was specifically tailored to work with the first version or was, for some reason, written against "1.20 PS2". These include the Gamesurge and Albit USA UMD-to-PSP converters, however they would not work with newer firmware. If you're still using a modded PSP and are interested in using these software emulators, you'll have to get the older versions of the firmware.

The other method is to simply buy a fresh, previously unmodified PSP with the latest official firmware. This may cost more money depending on where you buy it, however it will provide you with a fully working PSP that will probably be supported for years to come. The other alternative, if you plan to use your PSP regularly, is to buy a small PSP-1000 which is not only small , but also a little cheaper to buy and less expensive to fix.

Since this type of patch will require a little more work to install, I suggest you load the game from the SD card by selecting Set Custom Firmware from the XMB and get the "Alchimed" Bootloader, if you have one, installed. Then, any custom games you have made would be loaded from the SD card. The next step is to adjust all of the PSP's settings to the original PSP's settings. d2c66b5586

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