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Jing For Mac !!BETTER!!

Jing is available for download as thefile, which contains binaries, source code anddocumentation. It requires a Java runtime compatible with the Java 2Platform, Standard Edition (J2SE) version 1.4 (or any later version),such as the Java Runtime Environment (JRE), which can bedownloaded here.

Jing For Mac

When you use jing.jar with the -jaroption, any jar files that have the same names as the jar filesincluded with the Jing download and are in the same directoryas jing.jar will be used automatically (i.e. they will beadded to the classpath), specifically:

Jing's quite nice, provided you're only recording short clips. And the nice thing is that it can directly upload a recording or screenshot to (you get some free space there if you're a jing user) 350c69d7ab

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