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Methods: We conducted a retrospective study of patients who received ASCT with high dose chemotherapy using alkeran (n=255) or evomela ( n=259) at our institution to compare their outcomes such as side effects, duration of cytopenias, transfusion requirements, length of hospital stay, readmission within 30 days and progression-free survival (PFS) post-SCT. Clinical and demographic characteristics were compared between two treatment regimens using the Chi-square test for categorical variables and the Wilcoxon rank sum test for the continuous variables. Overall survival (OS) was calculated from the date of transplant to death, censoring the alive patients at their last follow up date. Progression-free survival (PFS) was calculated from the date of transplant to date of relapse or death, whichever occurred first, censoring at the last follow-up if no relapse or death. OS and PFS estimates were calculated using the Kaplan-Meier method and compared using the log-rank test.



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