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Fallout 4 Strategy Guide ((TOP))

About the Guide & Navigating ItSee My Plans for the Site if you're interested in the direction this is heading. Cheats are just below, as they belong in no category and are only for PC players. For now, I've got to have readers lean on this main page to get a feel for where to find things in the guide, though some things like Perks are found deeper (on their SPECIAL pages). We also have search but I cannot guarantee you'll find what you're looking for - I'm one man on a mission to make a huge Fallout 4 Strategy Guide and that takes time. The Guide is currently broken into four categories, as you can see below. Click to jump to the section you need help with:

Fallout 4 Strategy Guide

Download Zip:

CheatsProbably the only page on this site that just won't work for consoles. These are very handy for me as a guide writer, but generally just fun for messing around and testing perks. Always make a backup save before you cheat in case you regret it and want to return to your unmodified game. On this page, you'll find infinite money, crafting materials, weapons and armor cheats, as well as general commands to help struggling players - you can look up item and Perk ids, boost your carry capacity, reveal the entire map, or walk through walls. I've listed only the most useful cheats, because I personally hate looking through huge lists of console commands in order to find the ones I really want.

  • Strength - Strength increases carry weight and raises melee damage. This guide covers its effects and Perks.

  • Perception - Perception improves VATS accuracy, helping you to nail those head shots. This guide covers its exact gameplay effects and the Perks in the Perception tree.

  • Endurance - Endurance gives your character more life (HP) and enhances their ability to run. There is a full list of Endurance Perks and their usefulness on this page.

  • Charisma - Charisma affects bartering prices, speech checks, and even determines how many Settlers can live in your Settlements. Check this guide for information on Charisma Perks.

  • Intelligence - Intelligence boosts your XP gain - that's it. It does however have some great Perks, which are detailed in this guide.

  • Agility - Agility gives your character higher AP and an improved ability to sneak around the Commonwealth. Agility Perks are listed and many are covered in detail.

  • Luck - The Luck stat reduces the number of hits it takes to score a critical and helps your character to find more loot. Read this guide to learn about the awesome Luck Perks that can be found in this section.

Full List of PerksThis is a list of every Perk in Fallout 4, extracted from my individual pages in the SPECIAL Stats guide, so that you can have all Perks handy on one page. I've included the mechanics info from each page (along with my opinions), but left the images out to keep it tight.

Main Character Guide - Stats, Inventory, Menus, and MoreUnderstanding the various stats of your character in Fallout 4, as well as the numerous Pip-boy screens. This guide is great for newcomers to help them manage their inventory, quests, and gives some tips to finding components and favoriting weapons, armor, healing items, and drugs.

Leveling System and HP GainsThis guide goes into detail on Fallout 4's level up system. Each level you gain a perk point and an amount of HP based upon your character's endurance stat. Though Perks entirely replace Skills in this game, it's a great system and there are many other ways to improve your character as you explore the huge Commonwealth. Magazines you find will give you hidden perks, as will bobbleheads that grant bonuses or raise your S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats.

Making a Build: Perk Choice TipsThis guide is an overview of how to make a strong build in Fallout 4 for high-difficulty play. It doesn't tell you WHEN to take Perks, but gives you some guidelines to help you choose the best ones to make your character strong.

Automatron DLC GuideThe Fallout 4 Automatron DLC will pit us against an evil mechanist who is creating robots that are marauding the commonwealth. The motives behind this are shrouded in mystery, but we are able to make our own robot companions out of the scrap we gain from destroying his creations! See here for a guide to getting started, along with a walkthrough to the third quest: Headhunting, and final quest Restoring Order (to deal with Mechanist). Rewards after Mechanist (Spoilers): The Lair, Eyebots, and Rogue Robots. Learn more about Building good robot companions.

Nuka WorldFallout 4 Nuka World released August 29. This DLC allows players to conquer settlements by leading raiders. Its central location is a run-down theme park. First, you must pass a significant challenge only available at level 30. Here is a list of the current guides to Nuka World:

Companion Perks & Affinity Guide - List of Likes & HatesA guide to getting Companion Perks, which are permanent hidden perks gained by reaching maximum affinity with each companion. Lists the major things that each companion likes and dislikes for your character to do, so that you can get the Perks faster.

Fallout 4's Vault Assisted Targeting System (VATS) and AP Cost from Weapon ModsUse this guide to learn the basics on V.A.T.S. and get tips to modify your weapons to minimize AP cost while maximizing utility. Weapon type and mods greatly impact the amount of AP it costs to fire a weapon in VATS. I've analyzed scopes, sights, barrels, and receivers to help you figure out what type of mods would be best for your guns.

Action Points, Boosting AP, and RegenerationA guide to Action Points and how its regeneration works. Also looks at the various things you can do to raise your character's AP or increase its regeneration in some way.

Fighting Legendary Enemies & Their Spawn RatesThis guide looks briefly at Legendary enemies' spawn rates, but its priamry purpose is to give you some pointers in fighting Legendaries in order to get their loot!

Settlements TutorialA guide to settlements and how to manage them, attract more people, and bringing in food, water, resources. Also goes over how to power things, supply lighting and defense. You can also learn to get the Benevolent Leader Achievement.

Water and FoodWater and Food in Settlements and how it is deposited into the Workshop Inventory. This guide shows you a good place to get food early in the game, and describes how you can get ample amounts of purified water to use for healing or selling for caps.

Scavenging Stations and What They DoA guide to Scavenging Stations and the scavengers you can assign to them. Includes information on how often supplies are deposited and how to make best use of Settlers once you have enough food and water.

Adhesive: Finding it and Making it for CraftingThis guide details how to make Vegetable Starch from Mutfruit, Tatos, Corn, and Purified Water in order to get 5 Adhesive each. A good location (graygarden) is mapped, so that you can travel there and get the required vegetables. You then only need an excess of water to get the Purified Water you need to get the Adhesive.

While my primary focus is to make guides for Fallout 4, quest walkthroughs will come over time as I will inevitably enjoy sharing some of the quests you can find off the beaten path, as well as detailing how main quests work when possible. Expect spoilers in this area, because it's impossible to have pages on these things and NOT spoil something. However, I will not write anything too revealing about the story in the walkthroughs or the descriptions on this page.

Endings Guide: Which Quests Trigger Faction Hate and How Far You Can GoThis page summarizes the consequences of endings of Fallout 4 without giving story details. It is a guide to which quests you can do without upsetting each faction, so that you feel more comfortable to press on with them. It is not a true summary of endings - but who would want to be told how the game ends in every way? Experience it yourself!

Finishing Fallout 4 with the Minutemen Ending (SPOILERS)This guide will help you if you're not friends with X and can't work with Y. Only use this if you want to finish the game with the Minutemen, and it'll tell you how to proceed.

I've got much more to come. I can only do one or two pages of this size daily. Next I plan to make a guide to SPECIAL stats, one for each category of Perk, list all Bobblehead locations with detailed instructions on finding them, and write more gameplay guides to help players navigate the Wasteland of the Commonwealth as the Lone Survivor.

If you like my style of guide-writing and have any article suggestions, send them along to [email protected]! You may have an idea I did not think of - yet - I'm still playing this awesome game. It's all I wanted it to be, and millions of people seem to agree.

Fallout 4's Missions are executed in a non-linear order and may be approached from many angles at will. To help with this, we've provided both Location and Mission-based guides which can lead you the right way no matter how you choose to approach the game!

This guide is broken up into two segments, the first focusing on the essential "Main Quest" or "Story" missions, and the second focusing on the various optional quests that appear throughout the game.

Boston's new, a destroyed future that's riddled with stories of America's grandiose past, and elsewhere Fallout 4 places a new emphasis on crafting and building your own homestead and community. With so much to take in, you'll perhaps want a guiding hand to help you through the wasteland, guide your through the biggest quest lines and lead you to the greatest loot. That's where our comprehensive guide - which we'll be updating over the coming weeks - will no doubt come in handy.

Explore the Wasteland! This unofficial Fallout 4 game guide offers a complex description of all of the game's content and a very thorough explanation of its mechanics. The guide has been divided into three big parts.

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