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New Meshmixer 2014 Crack !NEW!

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- simplified 3D Print UI - support for Dremel 3D Printer (support preset, send prints to Dremel Idea Builder software) - (experimental!!) DLP/SLA support preset - new Orientation tool for optimizing print orientation to miminize support volume/area, and/or maximize print strength - new Add Tube tool for creating tubes through/between shapes - new Preserve Boundaries option in Smooth Boundary - new Allow Top Connections option in Support Generator - brought back Strut Density option in Support Generator - fix longstanding Axis scaling bugs in transforms - Face Transform & Soft Transform tools now infer local frame from selection, and can optionally have separate frame for each ROI - (optional) parameter-saving for Reduce and Remesh tools (add SaveToolSettings=true in meshmixer.ini)

- integrated 3d printing services: Sculpteo, i.materialise, and Shapeways - direct printing to Type A Machines 2014 series 1 (networked printer) - new Patterns (random, borders) - Offset parameter in Drop Solid - Selective undo/redo (skip slow tool computations with ALT+SHIFT+left/right arrows) - many bugfixes, cleanups, and optimizations - many new hotkeys (see forum)

[February 18, 2014] meshmixer 2.1 [Win32] [Win64] [OSX] - integrated 3D Print Preview with model analysis based on selected printer, material visualization, and print-level repair, hollow, and thicken tools - improved Overhangs Tool with better support structure algorithm, full manual support editing (including after save/load), options to convert to a single solid shell, safer defaults, and improved parameter ranges. - new Slicing Analysis Tool identifies thin/small areas in slice polygons - new Offset Tool computes consistent offset shells (use to thicken, create walls, etc) - new Attract To Target Tool that pulls selection towards Target object (set target in Actions menu) - new Make Solid Tool converts multiple shells into a single solid, with optional offset distance - extended Soft Transform Tool with improved boundary controls and Nonlinear deformation mode - rewritten Reduce Tool can now produce lower polycounts with better details - improved Plane Cut Tool now handles complex nested shells - improved Replace/Fill Tool now fills interior holes with hard borders - extended Selection Tool now has a multi-click polygon lasso mode and Sphere selection brush - Improved STL importing, AMF import/export - Reduced memory usage up to 50% in many cases - improved rendering performance for large models - multi-threaded computation for many tools - many other bug fixes and small improvements!

[September 20, 2013] meshmixer 2.0 [Win64] [OSX] - Complete UI redesign - new Soft Transform tool, under the Select / Deform menu - new Support Structure Generation for 3D printing in the Overhang Tool (video tutorial coming soon...) - new Strength Analysis Tool, does fast approximate stress analysis - new shading modes - flat shading and face-group-normal shading (accessible from menus and spacebar hotbox) - new XYZ mode in measuring tool - you can now directly enter numbers for all the parameter sliders - all right-mouse-button actions also available as shift-leftmouse (eg align tool, etc) - lots of bugfixes and suchforth - AMF Import/Export (mesh data only)

[January 24, 2013] meshmixer08 update! - support for snapping and units in Transform tool - new Units Tool to set physical scale of model and convert between units - new Stability Tool to analyze whether model will fall over - Stability tool also computes volume and surface area - new Overhang Tool and real-time shader to visualize overhang regions - new Measuring Tool with various measuring modes - PlaneCut now faster, more robust, can "slice" to keep both sides, and be restricted to a selection - new GenerateFaceGroups Tool to find face groups on imported models - Support for Color-Per-Vertex OBJ and binary STL - Improved image format support (now supports JPG!) - Booleans and Join tools significantly more robust - many other small b

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